Elon Musk is a puppet on a string

If you don’t see that this guy is mind-controlled and handled to lead us in the ‘right’ direction, I don’t know what else to show you to realize that we are being fucked over to no end. Does this all go according to a plan? Or is it just coincidences? Why is there an incredible push for the alien agenda for the last few years, if we can’t even go to the moon anymore, because we lost the technology? We are supposed to be going to Mars in 2033! Who cares? Really? Mars? They supposedly just recently found vast amounts of water on the Moon and even microbes on Mars (as well as water, fair enough).

Let’s have a look what the ‘elites’ fart right into our face:
At the end of 2014 ‘The Economist’ came out with the prediction for 2015, called a ‘forecast’ of 2015:

A detailed analysis of this cover page can be found here

January 4, 2019

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