The pieces are coming together

They are really rushing it.

A cryptocurrency which is based on water!

But the best is, there is a shitload of Russian servers in the background of the Climateglobal web site. Very interesting! Especially in conjunction with the Kazakhstan story it makes perfect sense.

And it makes even more sense if you take into consideration the Deagel web site and the depopulation prognosis. Neither the Deagel web site nor the bitonfly site have any further background scripts of Google etc.  running, as 99% of all web sites normally do. Look at the depopulation numbers by 2025 of countries in Europe and compare them to Russia, India, China, Brazil etc.     “It is created for the monetization of the water market, and is the unit of account of the states with the company Climate Global Control Trading LLC.”

And it’s getting better! All deception! Kazakhstan again the same day. 

The James Munder video is basically about how they are going to get rid of their own people after they drew them into pedophilia. The key word here is “anti-androgen”! This is deep and James doesn’t get it.

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