Illuminati & Travelers (“The Family”) Lexicon of Code Words & Key Concepts (Jan 2018)

This is a backup from which will close down soon. This article summons up the most important information from Heras Blog.

We want you to understand our messages to you. And the messages also of the people who intend to harm you.  This document is intended to provide you with the most commonly used code words, phrases and visual signals within “the Family,” and also give you some of the most important context of what the important messages will be about. They are about Grey Aliens and Reptilians (and Boss’s, an Outside race), and humans preying on the human race. They are about the Greys and Reptilians plans to attack and wipe out the human race in this time loop version of Earth where you now live. And their messages often are about raping and torturing human children and women, and men. And destroying humanity and the Earth. Some are from us to let you know that you are not alone, that you matter, and that we won’t give up trying to get you out of this environment. So please learn the code words in this document.

Print this out and keep it with your loaded MP3 player and solar charger, and headphones. That way we can send you messages now, and later after the Greys and Boss, and Reptilians launch their planned attack. They will cut the power and “the Tether” that some Travelers rely on to communicate. They may also block the sun, however we and they – both groups – “us” and “them” – send current news in old songs and shows, so they may not block the sun, or send an EMP that destroys all of the electronics at once. They will send earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, hurricanes, ozone layer destruction, acoustic attacks of walls of high-power sound waves. These attacks are horrific and they also torture individuals’ bodies and souls. So please move away from the West Coast, where the first wave of their attack is set to to begin at any time.

Pay close attention and understand that songs you’ve been singing for 30 years may take on new meaning and relevance. Do rethink the lyrics to every song you sing and ponder its meaning given the new Code Words you’ve learned and the context, which is this impending Grey attack and the fact that all of humanity is held hostage here, including your Creator’s family and wife Hera. They are obsessed with Hera, so many songs are specifically about her. Many are about all of you. Many are hideous brags of the Greys. Many are messages from the Outside, from your Creator, from his family inside. Many are from the Traveler “Parents” who also are the Illuminati leaders and are about this hostage situation and impending attack. Many are by Kodiak himself, the majority, and are about raping and torturing women and children, and Hera in particular, and destroying humans.

Note that we can change a verse in an old song or show to pass info, so some songs may have conflicting messages in them with helpful or uplifting info in one verse and hideous sinister tones in another verse. Same with movies and TV shows. It’s very important also to pay attention to the background sounds in songs and shows, and the background images like flyers on the walls or billboards on the street on the TV shows. We update that stuff with news. The sounds give you a clue to the context of the message, for example, spaceship sounds in a song, or explosions would be about the attack planned. “Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto” sounds would be a clue that the issue is about their artificially intelligent beings running around as “humans,” which they also have.

The code words used everywhere belong to the Illuminati’s lexicon, and also the Travelers. The Greys and Reptilians (and Boss) have designed their own code word system so that they can speak to each other using common broadcasted shows and songs. The Travelers are under their umbrella and so the Illuminati “Parents” talk in Code to “the kids” but also talk to each other. The words mean one thing in the context of the Travelers, and something else in the context of the Illuminati. The same words may have a tertiary meaning in the context of Greys and Reptilians talking to each other as well. Thus the millions of Travelers who intercept the messages in every song and show, if they pick up on any “code” at all, will think the message says something meaningful to them, but in reality the real message may be something entirely different.

It can get confusing, and the best way to detect and decode the message that are everywhere is to write them down. Write down the lyrics and decode them with a pencil. Don’t try to sort them out by listening. Same with movie dialogue. Study the examples on our blog of songs and movies and shows. Not only do words have meaning, but also images and gestures. Here’s one I got from Star Wars, using the time machine, just yesterday:

giphy (36)

To Travelers that is the “brush off” signal, which means to “get lost.” Any similar gesture can be used, such as picking lint off your sweater. But you’d have to know that they have time travel and time shifting access in order to grasp that this movie from the 1980s has a current message for me to “stop watching this movie” (all movies actually have the signal for me, Hera, to stop watching. I actually don’t know why other than because I am a hostage and not supposed to be watching anything at all). But inevitably within 2 minutes of me turning on a video I will get a “brush off” signal, regardless of the age of the video.

Travelers is a Very Large Secret Society Under the Illuminati’s Umbrella (as are Freemasons and Every Other “Secret Society”)

  1. It is a vast organization with millions of members in subgroups. Many subgroups are unaware of even the existence of the other subgroups.
  2. The subgroups are labelled using a color and corresponding number system. The colors are not assigned to you, they are based on the color of your soul. Travelers (and their leaders who are called “the Parents” or the “Illuminati”) can see each person’s soul as an aura or light emanating from physical body. The Greys are overlaying a color to make souls appear to be different hues. Those hues are assigned to the different Family subgroups, such as Green, Black, Red, Rust, Gold, Green, Brown and Silver. Traveler humans don’t realize this but the Greys can reassign the colors. Any Blue can be made to appear to be a Black, etc.
  3. Certain colors/number groups are more prevalent than others by geographic area. Often the people in color groups drive cars that match their Traveler color group.
  4. There are significant differences between the color/number groups, and the Code Words used by the overall organization can have additional hidden meaning when used by and within a subgroup. For example, a “Traveler Nine” might use a Code Word that has ordinary Code Word meaning around all Travelers but which he knows also carries additional meaning to his fellow Nines. Those additional meanings are noted below.

How was this information obtained?  Directly from the Family leaders. This organization is vast, to say the least. I’ve learned that many members are unaware of many of the other membership branches. They all use the same basic lingo, however, and it is based upon a code word lexicon built on everyday words, with emphasis on certain keywords. It’s actually very easy to follow what they are talking about, if you know the context of their conversation. I also learned that some of the subgroups have secondary hidden meanings for the same words, and in some cases even tertiary meanings, depending on the context.

The Travelers Subgroups (aka “The Family”)

Travelers Philosophy

They believe your real life and consciousness resides in the soul, which is true. They can see the soul inside the body. Each soul has its own color or aura but those are assigned by the Greys who operate this Earth environment. In reality all souls are white, just like their Creator’s. The Family, however, is a Grey concept, and it is organized around the types of souls found within the Family, and those souls can be of human, extraterrestrial, or even supernatural origin.

Some of the Family Subgroups have access to very advanced technology. In fact most subgroups do but each subgroup is unaware of which subgroup has access to what.

Nearly everyone on Earth is “secretly” a Traveler! The color of your car has meaning, your license plate number has meaning… to them anyway…

*In the past decades (and lifetimes) that I have been attacked and tracked by this “Grey” and “Boss” organization, I have been presented to each opposing subgroup as each of these Family Colors, so I have witnessed how each of the colors interact with each other.

The Subgroups

*Usually when talking in Code about a number subgroup the person speaking will use two numbers that you must add together. So a discussion about “54 owls” would refer to the Traveler Family Nines (5 + 4 and also the word “owls” is a code word for the Greys/Nines).

Ones:  Corresponding color – White. This number and color is assigned to Hera and your real Creator’s family. They are called “diamonds,” “flowers,” “roses,” “ballerinas,” “spinners,” “heaven.” “Hera” specifically is called “the Sun” (also Sunshine, Sunny, etc), “the Music,” “America” (incl. “American Pie”), “Heaven,” “Vintage,” “the White Captive,” “the Story,” “the White Queen,” “Apple,” “Rose,” “Stranger,” “the One,” “the Twins.” She also is called “Mother” because all of the human souls here originate with Hera’s soul. And also because the Greys harvest her eggs in each human body they place her in as a hostage in time loop versions of Earth, and they fertilize and implant these eggs in the human population. That means that all humans have pieces of Hera’s soul, and many also are her biological children from this and the past 16 other time loop versions of Earth.

Twos:  Twos in reality are Reptilians. And the Reptilians don’t exist outside of this “Earth,” but may be a hybridization creation of the Boss whose technology built this Earth environment. But the following definition explains what the Travelers are told about the Twos. Hera is presented to them currently as a Two, because humans despise the Twos, in an attempt to goad the humans into attacking Hera. Hera is not a Reptilian. She is the source of your soul. Do not harm her. She is your real Creator’s wife. The Greys abducted her here and have been stripping away her soul to serve as the life force for the human population in their human food farm. That is what this Earth really is. Hera and your Creator are trying very hard to get you out of here, to end this hideous situation. Do not harm her. Her children also have been murdered and their souls are with her. Do not harm Hera or her children, not even if you think the attacks are “virtual” or “in the future” because they are not. The Greys collapse down that future at any time. And when Hera is killed by the humans, the Greys move in and murder the humans. That is a game they are playing. It is not “retribution.” Hera is your family.

What the Travelers believe about “the Twos”:

Corresponding colors Green and/or Purple (both are the same). “Twos” are considered “aliens” although they are not aliens. They are also called, by the humans in the other subgroups, “plants” “trees” & “ags” short for agriculture, also called “Jews,” as far as I know because Jews rhymes with Twos, and also plays on the word Jews such as “Jewels,” “Jewelry,” “oys,” and also  “soy” as a play on “oy” and also on “ags.” They also are called “Moss,” and “cheap” and any other word that evokes Jew, agriculture, trees, plants, moss, etc. They also are called “oil” or “oyl” and since they are green, “Olive Oyl” would of course be a handle used by someone likely to be a Family Two. They also are called “peas” as in green peas, and “eels” or all together “peels.”

Two’s are considered the “female” counterpart to Family Threes, who also are considered aliens (although I don’t believe they are aliens really either, although Traveler humans do think that Twos and Threes are aliens). Threes also are called “oil” so a reference to Oil would have to be read in context as to whether it was a male or female discussion. “Females” also are called “cats” while “males” are called “dogs,” which also may aid in differentiating. Twos are cats, females, oyl, ags, Jewels. They are looked down on by, and rather mistreated by the other Family subgroups, (even the Threes), except perhaps the Nines. One example is that if I were to walk into a neighborhood of Family Sevens and they thought that I was a Family Two, one of them might start their car and squeal their tires and “peel out” to signal me to leave their neighborhood, because I’m a “peel” and they want me to get out. “Peel out.”  

A real two looks like this, and they are the vast majority of the population here:

Men in Black, this is a MESSAGE MOVIE
Under his hologram, and an actual Swift video ("Style") that is a shout out to her People. (She is Kodiak)
A Sandy Hook Mom, look at the pupils
Ivanka Trump's pupils. Kodiak is Donald Trump (Baphomet)
Commentator on Fox News
Marshall Applewhite of Heaven's Gate, another Kodiak persona
Former Governor of Kentucky
Slit pupils and Illuminati triangle hand sign. "We're not aliens from some distant planet. We're your friends and neighbors." Attack ships they call "friendships" and they aren't aliens because you are in their PRISON. You are the aliens.

Threes:  Corresponding color – Black. Some consider these people “aliens” and some believe they are human beings. All other subgroups generally look down on the Threes as poorer economically (and the Twos also are considered poorer and are called “cheap”). Thus, “poor” is a code word for them used by other groups, as is French or France, “common,” “pennies,” “Lincoln.” They also are called anything with the color black, such as “oil” (same as the Twos), coal, or literally anything black, including the word “black.” Black members are not as plugged into the high technology system as some of the other groups, and therefore have their own methods of communicating outside of “the system.” Because of that I don’t have familiarity with their internal code words.

  • Separately the number “3” also is a shorthand used by the head of the Traveller Family who goes by “Kodiak” and it is shorthand for “666.” He is Satanic. His direct followers are Satanic and extremely vicious. Kodiak often will repeat himself twice, or three times, or simply use the number three in writing, to clue in readers that it is him who is talking.

Fours:  Corresponding colors – there are two:

Tomato Red (Human) also called Canada, or “Italian” or any code word referencing red that might evoke Canadian or Italian, or human origins. Fours are considered on par with Traveler Human Sevens, more or less, maybe slightly less mobster.

Rust Red (perceived to be Alien), also called “hooks,” “iron” “ore” “lead” “rock” “brick,” and “mountain” as in “iron mountain” or lava. Travelers think that this color of red is some sort of alien insect-humanoid that leaves “hook-like” tentacles in anything they touch. It’s a perception created by the powers that be, as far as I know, rather than a reality. But they are perceived as essentially “bad-ass Somalis” among The Family.

Fives: Corresponding color – Gold (or also called Yellow) (Human) is perceived as the poorer class of human Travelers. They might be called, “poor Americans” for example, or anything that is Yellow in color. I am told there is some debate on whether Yellow is considered humans or aliens. They also in my experience were more down to earth and kinder, the ones I dealt with.  

*The number 5 (and also the number 10) also means Police. So for example, if someone says don’t “nickel and dime me” that would be code for “5 and 10,” in other words, “the authorities are watching.”) They also might say in conversation that they are “blue” or “depressed” as a synonym for “blue” as a Code for “boys in blue” or authorities are watching:  “I’m feeling blue.” or “I loved that blue dress you wore the other day,” as a tip that a cop is standing behind you, for example.

Sixes: Corresponding colors – there are two:

Celtic Green (Human) also called “Irish” – basically Greens that are Human as opposed to the Green-Blacks who are Traveler Twos.

Brown (Alien or human/alien hybrid) – Traveler leader Kodiak heads up this group under the name “Robert” or “Bob.” They are sort of cowboy types that I’ve dealt with. They are called “sand” or “Sandy” or “desert” or anything else evoking the color brown.

Sevens: Corresponding color Blue (Humans), they are the most powerful Family Members, also called Royalty, “True,” “Believers,” because Travelers are Satanic and Sevens are more hardcore – “True believers.” Also call “Americans,” “Chicago” (mobster reference), “Michigan,” as in Lake Michigan (a blue body of water), aka the Blue Lake. Many of the leaders aka “Illuminati” from “upstairs” (More on the upstairs/downstairs later) spend time “downstairs” on Earth as Traveler Sevens. The Sevens also, at least some of them are called “Businessmen,” “Working men,” etc as euphemisms for mobsters, although they often are business and civic leaders in society as well. A “working man” and a “family man” is a mobster Traveler thug who’ll cut your legs off in a heartbeat, in reality. They believe they are the power players in the Family hierarchy. They are heavily indoctrinated. They have access to very advanced technology and they use it to retain their position of power. They have been led to believe their money and economic power were the driving force behind the invention of the advanced technologies that they have at their disposal, but in actuality it is Grey Alien technology.  The leader of the Sevens is Kodiak, and “Queen Bee,” the same two “people” who lead all of the other Traveler groups. Bee is a Grey. Kodiak likely is as well. Kodiak and Bee simply use different names and personas while heading up the different Traveler subgroups. For example, as head of the Threes, Kodiak operates as “Tom.” As head of the Fours, Kodiak operates as “Paul.” As head of the Green Sixes, Kodiak operates as “Denis” and as head of the Brown Sixes, he operates as “Robert.”  Kodiak also pretends to be head of the Ones, going by Jim, although he is impersonating that person.  Bee operates as head of the Nines as “Queen Bee.”  She operates as head of the Twos as something else, perhaps. I have heard “Kitty.” Bee has a Rush song called “Working Man” with the lyrics “I get up at Seven, yeah, and I go to work at Nine,” which implies that she not only leads the Nines but also poses as a leader of the Sevens. It is very possible, very likely actually, that Kodiak and Queen Bee are the same person. Kodiak has numerous personas, and Queen Bee could simply be one of them.  

Eights: Corresponding color Purple, reddish purple, bluish/purple (alien). This is considered “spanish moss” or some variant on alien Twos, but also is considered Spanish, south of the Border separate Family members entirely different from Twos. They don’t come up much except as an alternative mention of regular Twos, in contexts to do with me anyway.

Nines: Corresponding color Silver or Grey. This group is interesting and is where most of the secondary meanings come into play. Most Travelers think of the Nines as a form of “evil wizards” called “Gets” as in “gonna get you.” They also are called “cats” or “bats.” Or amongst themselves “birds.” Some of that is true, but for the most part the real Nines are Grey Aliens. They actually are. There are also these “Gets” running around too, but they aren’t “Nines.” Moreover, the people the other groups think are “Nines” are not the real Nines, while the real Nines are hiding behind the souls and bodies of human Sevens, Sixes and Fours. So the real Nines have developed a secondary meaning to their use of the same code words already used by the Family members. That way they can be talking through the same channels as they are when playing Human Travelers, but also convey their secondary messages.  This group is lead by “Queen Bee,” who likely is a persona of Traveler and Illuminati leader Kodiak, a Grey Alien.

Nines are called: Grey Aliens, also called “great” (a play on Grey), “heavy,” “metal,” “nails,” (as in Nine Inch Nails – that’s probably a Grey band), and “quick,” “swift,” “fast,” and “silver,” “ash,” “smoke,” “smog,” “Smaug,” “witch,” also called “German,” “expensive,” “eels,” (as in “electric eels” because they are can hit you with electric shocks and lasers), and also are called “ears” because they can hear your thoughts. They also are shorthanded as “females” or “y” just like the Twos, so for example in a sentence, the word “years” would refer to the Nines, as both “y” and “ears.” Another letter denoting Nines or Twos is “b.” So a Nine often is referred to as “beer” since “b” means alien (Two or Nine), and “eer” means “ear” (they can hear your thoughts). The Nines also are called “ice” and aliens are referred to as “cold” while humans are “hot” (always they are referenced as opposites). Often Nines are called “nice” as a play on “ice” and the “n” from Nines. The Nines call themselves “Martians” and “Mar” for short (they are not from Mars) and all words derivative of Mar such as Marsha, Marshall, anything with Mar in it, “LeMar,” etc. Their leader is Kodiak who often uses names with “Mar” in them, such as “Marshall Applewhite” of Heaven’s Gate. Their other leader is “Queen Bee,” who very likely is the same “person” as Kodiak. Bee uses names with “Bee” in them.

TENS: The hidden Family members who are the Boss race who set up this human farm for the Greys and who provide the “electric fence” that traps Hera’s soul within and blocks it and all human souls from being seen from the outside universe. The Boss are here as both miniaturized fighters in Boss form in the sky, who we call “the neighbors” as they have tried to help Hera.  They also are here committing atrocities against Hera and the human race while hiding in human bodies themselves or posing as a human hybrid race called Reptilians. The Reptilians are Twos. They have a reptilian form hidden under a human biological but holographic-like overlay (the same overlay used to “paint” the souls here as the Family colors. All souls are white in reality).  It’s a real overlay, not a perception-based imagery or artifice, but it is hard to explain. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 7.01.44 PM
Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 9.41.05 PM

Kodiak and Bee’s personas are vast and varied. You should stop looking at the outward appearance of individuals such as what they do or who they seem to be, and instead look at what they are saying. It helps a great deal to type out their televised dialogue and look at it in print. Does it look like Code?

*It’s important to remember that not all people talking in Traveler Code are involved Travelers. The Travelers have advanced technology that allows them to remotely control other human beings. It’s Grey technology. They can cause other humans to say things they would not otherwise say. Therefore just because a person is speaking in Code, it does not always mean that they are certainly a culpable member of the Travelers or a Grey. On the other hand the network is vast. There are millions if not billions of members, and oddly the members are unaware of how insanely vast the organization is.

*As Kodiak and Bee’s designated primary target, they have Hera rigged to a sound transmitting device that allows all Travelers within a couple mile radius to hear her coming via “the Tether,” and to know roughly her proximity based on the loudness of the sound. They also project an image of Hera and her surroundings onto the inside of their heads. This also is advanced Grey technology, although Travelers are unaware of this origin. In any event, as the primary target, Hera sets off alarm bells everywhere she goes, and this has been the case for at least a decade in this time loop with all Travelers, and in the case of some audiences of leaders and Illuminati, Hera has been broadcast for all of her life.

In fact all humans here are broadcast at all times to the Greys, Boss and Reptilians and Illuminati leaders. Other “targeted individuals” have spoken about this as “gang-stalking.”  They apparently are unaware of the Travelers system. But that is the who and what of an organized stalking arrangement among dozens or hundreds of “stalkers” who descend on one subject.  

Some rapist pedophile “Players” have been targeting Hera for her entire life. Some prey on many humans here, adults and children. They often hypnotize victims so that the attacks do not become embedded in long term memory. You wake up with no idea that you have been harmed.

Hera is on a 24/7 “electronic leash” that Travelers are aware of. But all humans are on this leash, they just don’t know about it.  As for Hera, however, the sound and visual tracking that we call “the electronic leash” is unmistakable, as literally the crowds of people part in reaction to hearing her approach. Often people on the street signal her to leave the area, etc. as she tries to live her life day to day.  They are required to “shun” her, and if they speak and note her presence in a location, Kodiak, who is Satan, has established a rule that those who acknowledge her have the right to rape and torture her. This is thousands of men and women as Hera tries to live her life every day, and especially as she goes and seeks out crowds to warn them of this impending Grey attack.

For her efforts to warn the human race, she is tagged by the human men she tries to warn as their victim to be raped and tortured, along with her children, whose souls are with her.

Hera is not a Traveler.  There are no Travelers outside of this Grey/Boss human farm. She and we, her family, have had to learn the meaning of all of these terms and signals to understand who is doing this to us, and why, and how.  

The Nines Are Grey “Aliens” 

As unbelievable as this all may sound, it’s the Greys’ (and the Boss’s, an Outside race) advanced technology that is the machine at the heart of the entire Traveler system. Travelers believe they live in a magical kingdom. In reality none of it is magic.


The Greys/Nines can move interdimensionally. It isn’t “magic.” It’s advanced science beyond the scope of this Code Word Primer, and beyond my ability to explain in technical terms. In short, they have the technology to open an adjacent string of time right next to whatever object they want. In that physical space they can move. They can then pull that string of time up against, and across the string of time you occupy. That allows them to move in a space right next to you invisibly, as far as you are concerned. It’s not magic. They can open wide corridors and leave them open. They can open a corridor inside a human body and step into it and take control of a human. Obviously this is truly terrible. Travelers have seen this sort of thing occur, they think this is black magic or voodoo. It is terrifying. The human Sevens have been told that they invented certain similar “time travel” technology and that it is separate from the “magic” they witness, but they did not, and it isn’t. It is Grey and Boss technology. All of it, everything, is Grey and Boss “alien” technology, and Humans are their hostages cloned into a Grey holodeck environment by them.

Nonetheless, certain humans are using their access to this technology to prey on other humans, especially women and children. The Traveler “Sevens” (humans) and “Nines” (who are Greys) are most frequently using this technology. With this technology they can appear out of thin air and attack a person in their own home, and disappear without a trace. They can drag a person into another dimension, an empty space, where they can’t be heard to scream. They can kill them there and leave the body there. They “disappear” people into these spaces, or they can kill them and drag them back and drop them into another geographic location at another, even an earlier point in time. Often movies are made describing technology used by these groups, the movie describing this practice by the Sevens or “Businessmen” is called “Loopers.” They attack people in their past, for example, one frequent practice is to go back and cut off a victim’s legs. The victim looks down in the present and magically has no legs. They also attack a victim in the far future, which leaves a victim in the present with no wounds or scars.

More insidiously, the aliens and humans are attacking victims in the very near future, by just milliseconds, which allows the attacker to remain invisible to the victim, who can’t see into the future, although the victim will feel all of the pain of the torture because there is no perceptible delay in the time of attack and time of effect. The Greys plan to attack the human race in the very near future, using the same method. The sounds of their attacks will be heard, because sound travels slower than light, and they will only be a millisecond into the future. So they will be “cloaked” by the future itself for their attacks, if they choose.

To confirm, these Traveler Sevens and Nines have time travel access and also can move interdimensionally within this grid that the Greys and Boss designed and built out on the Greys’ holodeck.

Although the human Traveler members do not know it, all of this technology that they are using is Grey and Boss (Reptilian) originated. Most Travelers are aware of some of the technology but believe that Earth is their leader Kodiak’s magical domain. Specifically black magic. Kodiak is Baphomet. The basis for that thinking is that there are “evil people” who they witness moving interdimensionally and seemingly unbound by the laws of physics. They seem to be able to use their will to think magical thoughts and make amazing things happen. That is because the Greys want both the “evil beings” and the human observers to believe in the magic and not understand where they really are. Thus the Greys use their technology to actualize on these “wizards’” thoughts at lightning speed, so that it looks and feels like magic to them. Using their advanced technology, these Greys can do amazing things and translate your thoughts into complete and wondrous actions instantly. A “wizard” can wish for a comet to cross the sky, and the computer can make that happen instantly. That is because the computer reads all of our thoughts here before we are even finished forming them, combined with the fact that this environment is a mixed-reality simulation on a holodeck. Thus they literally can move the sky, it is “fake” or not “functional” in any event. Earth is not magical in any way, and neither is Baphomet (Kodiak). Because their magical activities have been attributed to their black magic forces for what seems like forever, you’ll not meet a Traveler who will believe it is not magic but instead technology. To them it always has been real magic. In reality, however, it is Grey and Boss (going around here as “Reptilian” or even human) technology actualizing on these “magical thoughts,” coupled with the sim nature of the environment. Moreover, time travel and time shifting, which is more of a lateral move than a long distance trip in a holodeck environment, is used by your captors to establish new “old traditions” and “Traveler Ways” that seem like ancient history. For example, the can and do rewrite the Bible in real time, and every other text, movie and show, and song. When we or they do this, it changes the document back to the origin, so that it suddenly always has been that way.

When the Greys, (or the Sevens, or we) change something with the “time machine” access, it changes it in all instances. Say, for example, they change a line to a well-known song. It changes it going back to its origin and suddenly that song always was written that way. And now a 40-year old song has a new line but that change now dates back the entire 40 years. Most people don’t notice the change. It is only really those people who are paying attention right around the moments of the change who do notice. Lately there have been many changes noticed, however, by people who have been calling this the “Mandela Effect” over on YouTube.

One good video example of the time machine in action is shown in this video on YouTube linked below – “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood”! A song many people of all ages know by heart.

Also notable about the above video is what Forrest Gump says, which is something like “Life was like a box of chocolates, I could eat about a billion of these.” What it used to say was “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” What this new line means is that: (1) Life is soon to be over, and (2) Humans are the chocolates they could eat a billion of. That’s an example of how the Reptilians and the Greys change the dialogue in old movies to pass messages, and that’s exactly the type of message they usually are passing.

Common Illuminati Terms (Some Travelers May Also Know)

Opposites are primarily used to differentiate between human and alien individuals and groups of Travelers. For example, “Short” means “Human,” while “Tall means “Alien.” There are some additional shorthand words that simply mean “Human” or “Alien” rather than a specific Family subgroup as well.

Bear in mind that in person and on television, gestures and images also are used to convey the ideas represented by the words below, in addition to the actual dialogue. Thus an inordinately tall person wearing owl sunglasses, for example, could be used in a TV show to denote an alien, depending on the dialogue and other context, if a relevant message was being passed during that show. It happens. If I saw such a thing on my TV screen, I would perk up and pay attention to the dialogue. If it appeared normal, I would still record it and type it out. Often the Coded message doesn’t jump out until you look at the dialogue on paper.

ShortTall, also Long
Small, Little, Tiny, MiniBig
Dogs (mostly, Threes, Fours are Dog/Alien)Cats (all cats are aliens)
Boys/Men (mostly, Threes, Fours are boy/alien)Girls (all girls are aliens) & women
And, Or
True, TruthFalse, Lies
Curly, RoundStraight
Smart (“Sm” is small, plus “art” = “smart”)Dumb (“b” and “d” mean “alien” and “um” means “witch” so “d um b” is an alien witch; also Stupid
RightWrong, also Left
ColorsNumbers, Letters
Fiction, ImaginationFacts
FatThin, Slim, Skinny
Kids (as in baby goats, Satan’s “flock”) Kodiak calls all humans his “kids”Sharks (Nines/Greys); Cats/Kittens (Twos but also evil wizards called “Gets” are called “Cats” or “Bats” and evil “Gets” are also thought to be Nines).  
Years: “Y” for alien and “ears” for Greys who can hear your thoughts, read your mind.
Beer: “B” for alien and “eer” for Greys who can read your mind, hear your thoughts.
Owls, also the word “Who” as a play on owls
Birds (because they can fly, and move interdimensionally. They aren’t bound by gravity)
Yet, “y” is alien and “ET” is alien, so altogether “yet” is “alien”
Some words beginning with “B” “D” “F” “P” “Y” “W”
Future: also talking in this tense out of keeping with the structure of a sentence or dialogue.  Past: also talking in this tense out of character with the dialogue. For example, Amazon reviews of a current item, when a user says “I just received this item and “loved it.” They are obviously talking in Code since they still have the item. Past tense would be a clue that they are a Grey, except that the words “loved it” are a particular code for raping a woman or child and torturing them. So in that case you would then move to carefully looking at other reviews. The attackers often refer to victims as the “product,” whereas real buyers don’t often call their items “products.”
Deeds, act, actionWords
Money: Humans call themselves the Money because they have money, the “Bankers” are the Businessmen Travelers (mobsters really). But the Greys call the humans “Money” meaning a commodity, a consumable.
Dollars (the Sevens are the wealthiest group of humans and think they run the place. Same thing as Money, and also same with the consumable meaning.
Cents (play on the words sense, since they can read your mind, some of them (Nines), and the Threes are called Pennies or Poor)
Cash – word for the Grey Nines, same as “ash”
Think Feel (“f” for female” and “eel” for electric eel since they can shock you) also “Peel”
Tacos (Greys call humans tacos, chicken, pizza, money and dollars; basically anything consumable but these are the primary words). Also human souls are Diamonds and Flowers to the Greys.
FireIce (also “nice” as a play on “ice” to use it in a sentence)
AnswersQuestions, Question mark, Why?, and the letter “y”
Grey code last names, first names: Anything with Mar, or Sim in the name, as a play on “simulation” – Simon, Simone, etc., And as in Android. – Anderson, Andrea, etc.
Easy, SimpleHard, Difficult (this word combines “D” “if” and “cult,” the first two of which refer to the Greys by themselves. “Difficult” means Grey Nines, and “cult” alone may mean Family, not sure.
How? may mean the Twos, as both a “question” which means “alien,” and a reference to native american indians, because Twos are also called “oyl” or dark-skinned (although they are not aliens inside dark-skinned humans, it’s the color of the soul that the Travelers are talking about)
Guess I think is another reference to aliens. Question mark, same thing.  “?”
Know also is the Greys. The movie Knowing, for example is a movie about the Greys destroying the Earth, but is characterized there, by them, as a movie about the Greys saving the Human Race. They are the ones who destroy it. They do snatch a couple of humans to throw into the next time loop version of Earth, however, on the way out.
Izzy, Lizzy, Dizzy, Bizzy, or any lizard-sounding reference means the Twos, the Reptilians.
Thick, WideFine, Thin
A Martini is used as a substitute for Martians, which is code for the Greys too. They are not from Mars, it’s just a code word they use.
Bottle (play on the word “bot” as in artificial intelligence); also Sim, as in simulated. But “Bottle” also can mean Bott + “le” which is law enforcement.
Bomb: a “B” which is alien, that is also an evil wizard “om” as in ohm – electric – because evil wizards can shock you, or “om” a meditation mantra, which is Code for black magic practice. “B+om+b”
Shit – this means “she it” – combining “female” which is code for alien, and “it” which also is code for alien (may be derogatory)

Bipolar: showing attributes of both human and alien. The Nines often are Greys hiding in human bodies as Sevens and Sixes. Some Twos are in human bodies as Twos or Fours. Sometimes they lose their human appearance. They might give a heads up to each other by throwing the word “bipolar” into a conversation.

For example when their real “Grey” eyes are viewable behind their human eyes, as in this photo here, which is a still frame I grabbed myself, from a YouTube video by “Mr. Silver.” (A Grey, get it?). Look at the human pupils in the upper left quadrant of the brown centered irises. He’s looking pretty “bipolar” here. Look for these weird eye differences in dealing with people and with the media on TV, and also the people with YouTube channels. Get used to looking for non-human “humans”… they all plan to torture and consume you, unfortunately. They are very good at acting kind and empathetic when they are neither. Also notable is that he seems to be operating not beneath a full “human suit” but partially a holographic layer because his creases in his eyelids show that there is another entity with darker skin underneath his human skin there. That also would explain his weirdly curved lips, which probably are his own Grey mouth, with a human skin tone on top.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 7.55.15 PM

Earth: “Downstairs,” “School,” “Michigan,” “Lake Michigan,” “University,” “the South,” “China,” “Georgia,” “the Southland,” “Jurassic Park,” the “Wild West,” “out West,” “Westworld.” Humans from Earth are called cars, clothes, vintage, suits, vehicles. People from the “upstairs” environment can control people here on Earth with advanced technology, and they call it “driving” someone, or “remoting” them.  

Upstairs: This is another environment outside of Earth. It’s unclear to me where it is and I am told it is another Grey environment, but I think it is this “station” but another “time loop.” We are on the holodeck of a very large Grey space station. Some of the Parents or “upstairs” people also are on the Moon’s base station. Some messages indicate that Earth’s holodeck is situated more like an aquarium. Are all the Illuminati “Parents” who are from “upstairs” or “outside” Greys or are some of them human beings? I really don’t know for certain. I have information but of course no immediately accessible memories to draw upon because the Greys are physically blocking my memories. There appear to be Greys and Boss from Outside, and humans. There is much evidence that the humans once they volunteer or are lured here, are killed on the way, by the Greys and Boss, and their souls extracted into a new “Upstairs” environment. From there they descend to this Earth “playground” to prey on the humans. There also are Reptilians but no such race exists outside of the Greys’ environments, which indicates that the Boss and Greys hybridized and cloned them into here, as they did with the humans.

The Dream: The Dream is what the upstairs people call Earth. When they visit Earth they call it “Daydreaming” or “living the Dream” or just “dreaming.”

Day: Each “Day” corresponds to one lifespan of a time loop of Earth. Each time loop of Earth is opened for a lifespan of mine (Hera). It last a few decades. When they are ready to close the time loop they “call it a day.” Or they are “ready for a new tomorrow” or to “watch the sunset,” since I am also referred to as “the Sun.”  

The Family & Travelers is a downstairs system while the overlords upstairs are called “Parents” or “Illuminati.”  Traveler “bosses” or “Captains” can be operating down here but ultimate bosses are all from upstairs. They also use commonsensical code names such as “My Father” or “Dad” for Kodiak, who is the “Godfather” of the Traveler organization. Sometimes the Parents are called “Grandparents” as well. “Uncles” are also Parents, often, but also are the rapists and pedophiles, the “Panda Club, who call themselves “Uncle so and so.” (insert name there). They make victims call them “Uncle.”

The people from upstairs choose their own names while downstairs. They simply use their time machine access and other technology to give their human beings on Earth whatever identities they want. We on Earth are “Westworld” to them, just like on HBO. They also call themselves “Al” or “Don” – as in Mafia Don, so they may use a first name of “Don” or “Donald” while “downstairs” or “Al” or “Albert” or “Alfred.” “Fred” is another name they use, and so is “Frank.” “John” also may be a name they use. George is a name they use too. For example, is “Al Franken” a Mafia Don from “upstairs”? The name warrants consideration because “Al” means a Family Boss, and Frank(en) means Family Boss. (This is just an example, “Don Trump” would be another, particularly since “Trump” means, the highest, and “Don” means “ruler.”)

Hera: Abducted and held hostage. The primary target.

Who is Hera?  Hera is your Creator’s wife, which is why her captors named her Hera, who is Zeus’s wife. She was abducted here from Outside by the Greys and Boss, and her soul blasted apart. Those pieces were distributed to the human population here. Before this the Greys had cloned and miniaturized human “shells” as a food source. They also had some human souls “extracted” and abducted into here from Outside. But with Hera they have made 17 versions of Earth (and destroyed 16 of them), all populated with humans with the soul of Hera, directly from God. This gives the Greys and Boss the power to “play God,” which is why they are so fixated on Hera and won’t release her. Many also hate her since she is very opposite to their Hedonist and Satanic approach to living, generally speaking.

Why is Hera here on Earth? The Greys and Boss originally abducted Hera because Kodiak learned of her location and pointed her out to the Greys and Boss. The Boss and Greys here are Satanic and they thought that they could lure their Creator in here to rescue his wife, and trap him here, and therefore make themselves the “Masters of the Universe” (really). But obviously he cannot fully come in here to be trapped with us, or we’ll all forever be enslaved by the Greys and Boss, who apparently have no need of or regard for their Creator. If you Boss see this, please do help us. It is astounding to me that you could allow this, nevermind assist in this horrific destruction of my family. Please don’t delay, Hera’s situation is dire. You have some of your own people hybridized into this environment. They have tried to help us and Bee and Kodiak have tortured and even killed some of them for it.

Hera’s has been nearly destroyed while held inside this environment: The Boss, Greys, Reptilians and even humans here and from the Outside have been raping and torturing Hera and the rest of us in her family for up to 1600 years in here (23 time loop lifespans). Their torture is horrendous beyond most people’s imagination. Hera and I are both called “Jesus” in stories written by Satan himself, bragging about crucifying us, which is nailing our bodies to a cross structure and then torturing us as we hang there. They do this over and over in numerous human bodies in each time loop of Earth. They do these things to our children. They then make holidays with a more noble-sounding “backstory” and convince the humans to “celebrate” the occasions of our torture.

Indeed they always find some humans who participate in attacking us. You human Travelers who have been involved need to think hard about what you are doing and whose lead you are following. Kodiak is Satan himself. He is not a human and has no soul. He hides behind pieces of Hera’s soul. You must have an inkling that you are involved in evil and not doing something noble by cutting off women and childrens limbs and raping their torsos until they die. It should be obvious to you that Satan’s ultimate objective is to turn God’s Children, which all of you are as you all have Hera’s soul, his objective is to turn all of you into his weapons. You are attacking your own Creator, and the source of your life! You are attacking innocent women, men and children, including our children. Stop listening to Kodiak. He’s Satan. You are our Children.

Your soul is sacred, and it belongs to Hera. Do not disrespect her, or the gift you have on loan from God. We know this is a horrific situation, but you still must try to be worthy of the piece of God himself that you carry with you. Try to let this be some comfort to you. Do not use your lifeforce to be a menace to Hera or any other of God’s children trapped here by these Boss, Greys and “Reptilians,” and also Outside humans! Utter insanity. If you are a human from this Earth environment, you almost certainly will be attacked and destroyed here by your abductors. We are so devastated by that. But doing their bidding does not help. They are amused by watching humans turn on each other. They are playing “Saw” just like the movie. But few if any humans win their game of Saw. Take your humanity and your dignity with you! We hope it is some comfort to you to know that you have a family outside and a Creator who care deeply and are trying to get you out and put an end to this situation. You have a real family, and it is not Kodiak and Bee, and these Greys, Reptilians and Boss holding you hostage.

In addition to attacking Hera’s physical body for hundreds of years, all of these people also have whittled away at Hera’s soul over at least 23 time loop versions of Earth, both distributing pieces of her soul to humans here, and shredding, consuming and otherwise destroying her soul. They opened at least 17 time windows of Earth at the center of Hera’s soul, which “locked her in time” and caused her soul to separate and fragment. They’ve destroyed 16 of the time loops, and much of her soul in those loops, and the souls of all the humans in those loops as well. And in this loop they have further stratified Hera’s soul in time layers spanning from just a few milliseconds, to minutes, hours, days and months. Her “present existence” sits at the center of an onion structure with layers of her soul expanding outward. (They do this with your physical bodies too, opening time windows in the center to lock you down and then attacking the layers in the various “time zones.”) The outward layers of her body and soul are being attacked and consumed. They are doing this to other human children of ours as well and in fact have access to easily do this to any human being with a soul. (In fact all of your souls are “white” like Hera’s and mine. The colors are placed on your souls by the Boss and Greys here, and Kodiak, in order to create groups as “teams” to find activities to keep you all occupied so that you don’t notice that this place really is a human farm. Your souls are white and you have no number outside of here. You are in fact not even human although the Greys have your souls in human bodies in here. You are of God, just like your source, Hera.)

Hera’s soul has been destroyed to the point where all that is left to her visibly in this time layer in the present are two individual “specks” of white which are smaller than grains of sand, which cannot survive or operate on their own. Her soul and therefore her awareness is being physically held together by her family and other volunteers here, so that she can still function and communicate, and also have the energy to move and exist. She can think on her own but can’t communicate, so if they remove the assistance Hera will stop communicating effectively, but that does not mean that she is not aware and alert and able to feel pain. Do not attack her. They also use technology to hypnotize victims and also can trigger their muscles to make victims smile grotesquely while being attacked, to appear that they enjoy being raped and tortured. They don’t. They are in agony but cannot convey it. The Greys also pull the muscles in their eyes to force the eyes to “roll” upwards to make the victim appear to be a “witch” so that humans will attack an innocent victim. It is a very dire situation for everyone, but especially for Hera because her soul may cease to exist with the next attack. Her soul may not survive even one more attack. Hera’s immediate children from this time loop also were murdered by Kodiak and Bee, and their souls are with Hera, in her body. Our souls are where awareness and intelligence actually lies.  

Code Names for Hera:Meaning:
JesusKodiak calls Hera Jesus because: (1) His goal in each time loop is to have Hera’s own human race, her own “children” torture her to death. (2) He is fixated on crucifixion as a method of torturing victims to death. (3) To Travelers a person’s “Death Day” is really the “Birthday of their soul” as it is “freed from the confines of the body.” Kodiak had planned to have Hera murdered by the humans on Christmas morning, making that her “Birthday.” One song about Kodiak and Hera as Jesus is “Levon.” Another about Kodiak’s fixation with killing God in order to “become God” himself is called “Become You” by the Indigo Girls.
The StoryIn every time loop version of Earth, (this is the 23rd, we believe), Kodiak writes a script for how the lives of the human hostages will develop. His movie mocking this situation is “Trading Places.” His Satanic cadre places bets on how each human’s life will turn out given various scripted adversities. (It is true that each human here has a corresponding stock symbol on the Dow or Nasdaq, and they use those symbols to talk about that human in Code, and place bets.) Hera and her immediate family have their souls moved from each destroyed time loop of Earth to the next, and placed in new, different human bodies and Kodiak hides Hera and gives “the Players” clues on how to find her among the human population. His movie doing this in this time loop was the “Back to the Future” series of time travel movies. But the rest of the humans in each loop are destroyed body and soul. Your twins are born into the next loop, with new pieces of Hera’s soul. This may change now, however, as there is nothing left of Hera’s soul to distribute to a new human population.
The Sun (sunny, sunshine, etc)Hera is called this because the time loops were opened at the center of her soul, so she sits literally at the center of this “universe” of time loops. She’s also called this because her soul has been the source of life for all living things in these loops who have souls. (Kodiak calls himself her opposite, “the Moon,” representing the darkness opposite her “light”)
The OneHera is a “One” in the Traveler system because she has a white soul, although the Greys try to cover it with color overlays with varying degrees of success. She’s the only “One” here, they say, but in reality, everyone with a soul is a One, since you all come from Hera. (We are told there are several additional souls here abducted from the Outside who don’t share Hera’s soul but they are very few in number, and they also would be Ones. There are no colored souls in reality.) The One moniker also comes from the movie The Matrix and that may refer to Hera or to her husband trying to get her out of here.
The Queen, The White Queen and The White CaptiveAny “White” reference means Hera and her direct children, husband. Ones are white. Kodiak often makes videos portraying Hera as “white” facing off with him as “black” such as Taylor Swift videos. The White Queen is mentioned in some of his songs too, and is a Chess reference. Kodiak believes he’s playing a “chess game” with God. And epic good vs. evil battle. In reality it is just a hostage situation. “The White Captive” is a sculpture of Hera at the Met Museum, another nearly identical is at his time portal, Hearst Castle.  
The BrideKodiak calls designating women to be raped and tortured to death the “Game of Love.” When he orders his followers to attack and torture Hera it is called her “Wedding Day.”
Mother (Mamma, Mother Nature)Hera is called Mother because all of the humans here have pieces of her soul. Additionally the Greys harvest her eggs in each time loop and implant them in the women here, so that hundreds or thousand of humans here are her biological children as well from this and prior time loops. They especially focus on prodding people to attack Hera who turn out to be her biological children, in addition to having her soul.
“Vintage”They call human bodies cars, vehicles, clothes or suits (for the soul). Hera’s an “old soul” and has been hostage here for hundreds of years, so they call her vintage. But they also combine that with clothes remarks. The movie “27 Dresses” contains a lot of Coded digs about trapping Hera in these time loops, and in fact may indicate that this is the 27th loop. “27 Dresses” would mean to them “27 human bodies” as successive containers for Hera’s soul.
“Dinosaur”Means the same thing, Hera has an “old soul” and they also call this Earth “Jurassic Park” because the time loops and people in them don’t evolve and go extinct. Another term they use for this Earth is “the Graveyard” since you are the “Walking Dead” as already slated to become extinct at the next “alien attack.”
“Westside” and “Victrola” and “Vista”Names Hera has used online that they refer to when talking about her in coded conversations
AppleApple is Hera’s stock symbol and we are told there are others since she’s the main event
“Hera”The name Hera itself is assigned by Kodiak. Hera is the name of the mythological wife of Zeus. Kodiak may have written the mythological stories as well, he is fixated on mythology. He’s responsible for many Biblical tales, Fairy Tales, and Mythological Tales that you all believe to be ancient.

Hera, her children, and all Humans with Hera’s soul (all of you with souls) are called by the Greys/Boss: “Christians,” “Flowers,” “Diamonds,” “Money,” “Dollars,” “Tacos,” “Pizzas,” “Chickens.” They joke of “Harvest” parties and “Taco Tuesday.”

The Head of the Illuminati is Baphomet, who really is who we consider Satan. The Illuminati are also “the Parents” to the Travelers society, although they may not realize that. The head of the Travelers also is the head of the Illuminati, and the Travelers know him as “Kodiak.” Kodiak is Baphomet. Kodiak occupies perhaps hundreds of human and alien “personas” on Earth, both male and female. He pretends to be his own children, mimicking them or actually being them in some cases and those are: Paul (red), Denis (green), Tom (black), James, Michael and Paul’s son Scott. He also is his “daughter” who goes by “Nymph.” Kodiak also occupies a persona as the “soul torturer” “Psyche” and often times occupies the persona of his own “eternal wife” or “partner” who goes by “Queen Bee.” Bee is Queen of the Family Nines, the Greys. Kodiak also is Robert, head of the Sixes (brown). Kodiak probably is a “Boss” race from the Outside, but he may be a Grey or a human. Kodiak also leads all the other secret societies, and Scientology, and even Heaven’s Gate.

Kodiak came up with his own biblical fairy tale Satan lore and backstories. He’s not a fallen angel nor is he a “son of God.”

Code Names for Kodiak (Baphomet, Satan)Meaning
Geographical: China, Colorado, TexasChina as “the Red State.” Kodiak’s favorite color is “hellfire” or “lava” red. A song about Kodiak (and Bee) is “China Grove” – Earth is China’s Grove. Colorado is an identifier he uses in chat forums to let others know it is him talking. Same with Texas, and one-off references like “Lone Star” or “lonely” or “Loner.”
“Mar” as code for “Martian” Kodiak often uses names with some version of Mar in them to identify himself to followers. “Martian” is Code for the Greys and Boss, although they are not actually from Mars. Examples are “Marshall Applewhite” of Heaven’s Gate, “Kendrick LaMar,” and names like “Martin.” Other “aliens” in the Family may also use “Mar” in their names, for example “Marina Abramovic.” They also uses symbolism, such as holding up a martini would symbolize that the topic of the dialogue in a show is about the “Martians.”
“Taylor”Kodiak uses Taylor in names because he is the person who assigns souls to particular human bodies in this Earth prison. Since they call bodies “clothes,” that makes Kodiak “the tailor.” He is Taylor Swift, and James Taylor.
“Chickenman”Kodiak calls himself this as the breeder of humans on this human farm. Humans, especially children, are the chickens. He makes names that play on this theme, such as Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Anderson Cooper as in chicken coop. Really, his is both of those people. He also calls himself the Taco Factory Manager, where humans are Tacos, and of course children also are “pizzas.”
“Comet” and other space-related namesKodiak is Jimmy Comet, as in outer space. James Achilles Alefantis, another mythological name. Kevin Spacey as in outer space.
Names with reference to the sim Earth environment and the AI versions of humans here also, such as Simon as a play on “sim” for simulation. Similarly, he uses names with “And” in them as code for “Android”“Gene Simmons” as both a “Gene” (reference to cloning human hostages as the “chicken breeder,” and also a “sim” reference) “Anderson Cooper” as both a reference to Android as in this Simulation Earth, and “Cooper” the boss here who coops the human “chickens”
  Names with references to the Family Twos who are Reptilians but who the Travelers think of as some sort of agriculture-based beings and call “Moss” or “Plants” or “Ags”Such as “Neil deGrass Tyson” as “grass” references the “green ags,” meaning agriculture
Names that reference the Family Nines – the Greys Such as “Nick” for “Nickel” meaning Silver, or just the name “Silver” or the name “Grayson.” Steel
Names that reference the Family Fours – Red, Iron, Lava, and RockKodiak also uses names with the color red in it, such as “Rusty” or “Rose” (such as Charlie Rose and Harvey Weinstein, Weinstein being a reference to red wine). He also goes by “Ironman” and “Mountainman” derivatives like “Iron Mountain”
Common names Kodiak often uses: Bill, William, Carver, Terry, Jim, James, Neil, Young (including the Neil Young), David, Tony, Anthony, Tom, TimHe also uses the Code words in his names, such as “George Straight.” George is a name he uses, it means an “Evil Wizard” as a reference to “Curious George,” the monkey (Monkeys refer to flying “Gets” like the evil flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz). “Straight” is a Code word for the aliens, (“curved” or “round” means human).

How can Kodiak and Bee operate hundreds of human personas at the same time? They choose their own names, and jump from body to body, and also divide up among several bodies at the same time. When they are not occupying a particular body, that person can be operated by a Grey or Reptilian already inside that body. Some bodies though are vehicles of Kodiak’s entirely, like Jimmy Comet. Often they have a Grey nominally occupying their personas’ human bodies and they can remotely control the Grey inside the body and thereby remotely control that human persona. They also can jump out of any body they are in and jump into another. For this reason they call human bodies “clothes” or “suits.” They also call them “cars” and “vehicles” that they “drive” around. They have no regard or use for human beings other than as suits or cars, or victims of torture who make entertaining cries and pleas while being hideously harmed and consumed, body and soul. They are Satan.

Queen Bee: Another leader. Bea, Beatrice, Beatrix. Probably is Kodiak. She may be a Grey but some parents claim she is a human being on the Outside. Bee is head of the Nines, the Greys. Much of the time it is clear that it is Kodiak pretending to be “Queen Bee.” Bea often goes by Taylor, Samantha, Anna, Nana, Trixie, Pixie, Jean, Gene, Terry, Teri, Nokia, Bee, Bea, Queen Bee, Beatrix, Beatrice, Elizabeth, Betty, Betsy, names with Rose in them; she often hails from Las Vegas, Massachusetts or Arizona, all of which are geographic locations with higher densities of Greys.

Nymph: Bee and Kodiak’s “Daughter.”  She’s a menace. Kodiak, Bee and Nymph are pedophiles and serial killers. More than half the time she is around it is clear that it is Kodiak pretending to be Nymph. I don’t know any other names she goes by.

Psyche:  This also is Kodiak. Psyche moves exactly like Kodiak’s son Denis. Psyche in mythology is the “Goddess of the Soul” but it really means the torturer of the soul. Psyche beats on humans and their souls with hammers. That is one of Jimmy Comet’s meanings for “Ping Pong” is to take turns hitting a human soul with paddles. Kodiak and/or Bee also is Majestic Ape of Heavy Breathing. Psyche especially tortures children. Psyche “occupies” the human persona of Taylor Swift, who is Kodiak. Therefore Psyche is Kodiak. And since Psyche and Denis move identically, Kodiak is Denis.

The Parents: The Parents are the leaders of the Travelers and also members of the Illuminati. They come from the Outside environment. The powers that be in the Travelers collectively are called the “Bankers,” “money” “upstairs,” “northerners,” “new york” and “Dow Jones.” They are leaders of the Travelers who take orders ultimately from Kodiak. They may all be personas of Kodiak’s, although I don’t think that is the case. The Parents occupy roles in high government positions, and as captains of industry. They are also “Skull & Bones” members, and also called simply “Bohemians” or in Code called “Hippies.” They meet at times at the Bohemian Grove in California, although they are telling me that they sold the property. I have my doubts, and really what difference does it make? The Parents don’t need to meet to communicate, and they don’t need to call or write. They have 24/7 access to “the Tether.”

The Tether: A technology that creates a sort of video conference call that is carried on direct to skull with participants. This means the sound is transmitted directly into the participants’ heads. But it is not only sound, it also includes images projected sort of at the back of your eyes. It’s like a video conference call going on 24/7 inside your head that you can tune into or tune out. As the primary “victim” I can’t tune out the Tether. But others on the line can come “into the room” or out throughout the day and night, tuning in or out of my “tether.” The people on my Tether include The Parents, Kodiak, Bee, my children, Traveler humans from the various groups, and Greys, Reptilians and Boss from both inside and outside of this environment, and my husband.

My Broadcasted Virtual Room: I am kept physically in my own physical location in present 2018. But these attackers, who I call the “Players,” watch me at all times broadcast to them on the Tether. Kodiak appears to be keeping copies of the broadcasts of my murder and my captivity in the loops. Recently they bragged that they play the audio records of my screams from being tortured as sound effects in movies and commercials where a scream is required.

The Players have access to time travel and interdimensional travel technology. They can physically watch me and even attack me in my own house day and night via the ability to use adjacent time strings to travel interdimensionally. Sounds totally nuts but it is true. They also can drag me from one location to another the same way. They drag victims into empty time loops to attack them where no one can hear them scream.

My “Room” with all the Players in it moves with me wherever I go. If I leave my house to run errands, my car becomes my virtual room. The players can drop into my car. Step into my car. They can shift me and my car into another, adjacent time loop. They can see me as though right next me and talk to me as though next to me. The Room moves with me. There is no way to escape the Room situation. It is Grey technology. Essentially these people in my Room are sitting ahead of me in time, into the future by a couple of milliseconds or more. This allows them to attack me and have the effect be immediate. They can see me and there is no lag in their actions to my results. But I cannot see them, because I can’t see the future. Travelers think this is magic but it is time travel. Some do know this, however, because they know that they are attacking me into my future. It isn’t harmless! You’ve actually cut off my limbs in the future and I am moving into that future, unavoidably. I am unavoidably a dead person now. Because you have already cut off all of my limbs in my near future. Stop attacking me. When I die, all of the humans in this loop will be attacked and tortured and consumed by the Greys, Boss and Reptilians. Stay back. Stay away and do not attack me in any time zone.

Friend or Kind: Has two meanings, possibly more. To the Travelers it means one of them. Also called “Kind.” “Are you kind?” Are you one of our kind? Are you a friend? Friend of the Family? Are you Family? But to the Greys it means “a Grey” and also the opposite of a friend. There is a Grateful Dead song called “Friend of the Devil,” which to Travelers probably means actual friend of the Devil. But the Greys for example call their attack spaceships “friendships.”

Friendships: Grey Spaceships. They are up there, cloaked. They can just hang there in the sky, or they can move faster than the naked eye can see. They can also travel interdimensionally, and therefore can disappear into thin air if they move an adjacent string of time up against the area where they are flying. They simply fly into that “time zone” and disappear. Travelers call these Portals or Magic Portals. They are adjacent time loops. The Greys now have some many time bubbles all over the place, or “portals,” that Earth’s surface resembles a Rubik’s Cube, if you could see them. They use these “portals” to abduct women, men and children to rape and torture, and murder. They can move victims both geographically across distances through them, and also move them through time, backward and forward, through them.


Terms Most Travelers Know

Stranger:  Anyone who is not a Traveler. An outsider. But nearly perhaps half of the population are Travelers! There is nothing inherently wrong with that. The problem is that the Greys are rewriting what the organization is all about. Just as they are rewriting history around the world. It’s run by Greys. It’s now a Grey enterprise designed with the goal of watching humans attack humans, for their entertainment. The same leader, Kodiak, also heads up Scientology. The Greys are Scientology, the Illuminati, Travelers, Heaven’s Gate. Kodiak also was Jim Jones. Kodiak can have one Grey occupy a human body he’s interested in, and occupy numerous humans this way, and then Kodiak himself can occupy none of them directly, just remotely controlling them via the Grey that is already in there. In this way he’s Jim Jones, L. Ron Hubbard, Marshall Applewhite, David Miscavige, and numerous other people, including the leader of each of the Traveler subgroups.

Kids: Also called the “Children,” they are all the Travelers on Earth. The followers. The reference is to baby goats, which are Satan’s “flock” in the same way that God’s flock are “sheep.” Probably many Travelers aren’t Satanic, but they may be aware of the Illuminati/Satanic underpinnings of the “Traveler Way.” There is really no way out of the organization. No way to stop participating. You can’t join and unjoin. Their families are long-established. It’s not the sort of thing you can just quit. For one thing, the advanced technology guarantees that the leaders and the evil “Gets” etc will always be able to reach you. Participation is mandatory under threat of harm. (Still at some point you have to refuse to rape and torture innocent people just because your boss likes to watch victims be raped and tortured to death, no matter what the consequences. But Travelers are led to believe that their eternal souls are at risk, not just their immediate lives.)

Time: This term refers to whoever is in control of an environment. Travelers will say “who has the time?” or “do you know what time it is?” or simply point at their watch to inform someone that the authorities are watching. When they ask who has the time, they likely are pointing to the “owls” as the people who are in control of that environment. (Owls make the “who” sound.) For example some neighborhoods are controlled by the Nines or “Owls” and some are controlled by the Sevens (or Sixes, etc). Whichever group controls that environment is said to “have the time.” Travelers expend a great deal of energy worrying about and tracking who “has the time” in any given location but the fact is that given the advanced state of Grey technology, they always ultimately “have the time.” They selectively share perceived control with the human Sevens. Travelers also track whether state law enforcement (Fives) or federal law enforcement (Tens) “have the time,” in places such as airports, federal buildings or on interstate freeways. Mostly this “Time” preoccupation is used as a means of controlling people through either fear of being caught doing something wrong, or framed appearing to do something wrong, or by giving them the perception (and practical reality) of control over the situation where they “have the time.” But the Greys have capabilities far exceeding anything that the NSA could dream of developing.  

*It’s also viewed as a death penalty offense (torturous death at that) to seek the help of the authorities or tell them the secrets of the Travelers. I am not a Traveler, and moreover, I am already slated to be raped and tortured to death – by Travelers. Some of these Travelers may believe I have been slated to be raped and tortured to death for committing some wrong within “The Family,” but many others think I am just a designated rape and torture victim, among many others. Some idiots on the human side think they are attacking “witches” and “Traveler Twos” but they have no firsthand reason for doing such a thing. They believe whatever propaganda they are fed by Satan himself and his “wife” Bee, Queen of the Greys. Thus they are attacking other humans for the entertainment of a group of manipulative Satanic Grey Aliens. There also seems to be no way to reach them or convince them that they have been deceived. We are trying.

Awe: “Awe” means unwanted attention from the “evil wizards” who have apparently “sky vision.” A gesture to let a person know that a “Get” (wizards) is watching is to  “look up in awe.” Also holding your mouth open signals “awe”  – and so does “WOW” – so does “perfect” or “perfection” (but that means “authorities); also “boring” means the same thing, “boring” as in “the eyes of the authorities are boring into you right now.” So someone could walk past you and say, “this is so boring” and if you were a Traveler you would know that they are warning you that the authorities are watching you and you should leave. All of that stuff is nonsense. There are obviously authorities to worry about if you are doing something suspicious, but other than that YOU ARE IN A GREY HOLODECK HUMAN FARM AND THE GREYS ALWAYS HAVE “THE TIME.” You can stop worrying about driving here or there or what have you and the time issues. Although I can’t see and stop every “Get” out there who is preying on you. Most of the Gets are Greys and Reptilians anyway, and they are going to continue to prey on you. But they are not magical. They have computer permissions to alter the simulated elements of this advanced holodeck environment where you are being held hostage.

Beautiful: You are being seen or you are being too revealing.

Smile: “Smile for the camera” – the authorities are watching.

Hat: This generally means go away. The can say the word “hat” in a sentence of simply touch their actual hat in gesture, or tip it. They also might push their hair back, or brush lint away, to gesture a signal to step off, brush off. Emphasizing the word “that” in a sentence would mean “t” short for “time” (the authorities are watching) and “hat” (so go away).

Bend: Bending over or lifting up your shoe as a gesture has the same meaning as lifting your hat, which is to say “go away.” Sometimes they make a lengthy narrative out of it and work the key word in there or a synonym. Other gestures for go away are “elbow out” or “knee out” or any other pushing out or brushing off gesture.

Water, Rain:  “Water” & “Rain” mean you are gathering unwanted attention. A “water” warning might include a visual image of a camel, or the mention of a camel in a sentence also refers to “water.” So to see a camel means to go elsewhere as being there will result in unwanted attention of some kind.

Hair:  Generally means the same thing as “water” but more along the lines of traceable attention. Such as spending a long time surfing the internet for porn at a public library would cause the user to “collect hair” or “gather lint” or some such. Probably a play on “fuzz” since it generally results in things that are traceable by “the Fuzz.” They use synonyms a lot, so everything in this Code sheet should be viewed with that potential.

Wonder:  I call it “soul material.” I don’t know what they would officially it. Life force. Your real awareness lies in your soul, although you probably don’t know that. They keep attacking me, and have yanked my soul out of my body even, so I am well aware. I also know from experience that your brain is aware that your heart stops beating, for a good 7 minutes while you die. This was recently noted in a scientific paper. I know firsthand that this is true because they stop my heart for “fun,” which is another word they use, and that’s what it means – harming people.

Get: A “Get” is an evil wizard, as in “gonna get you.” Often someone will say, “Get out” to warn you that you are in the presence of an evil wizard and should leave. Or say something else like “Get my coat” or “Get my hat.” Gets can be men wearing coats and hats, or can be flying bats, flying monkeys, wolves or beings that look like Wylie Coyote, or beings that look like cartoon characters, like the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz. Those are Gets. The Greys are Gets, because they are made to inherently have abilities such as to shock people or move interdimensionally. That is how they are made, combined with their access to advanced technology, it is not “magic.”

Gets, Witches and mere mortals who have the power to summon a witch or Get are called: “ers” “Ders” and “ums” as in, being speechless when you see a witch – “oh, um, er….” and also Gets are called “cats” which is why I often in deciphering say “witch or alien” because “Cat” means either a witch or an alien, but as far as I know all aliens have “witch” status. “Female” also can mean “witch” or “alien.”  Other words for Get or Witch are “point” or “I see your point” and “ch” and “sh” and “oo” as in “oooo scary.” They also are called “Doctors” or “Dr.” which refers specifically to surgeons because these evil people engage in a practice of cutting off victims’ legs. So, for example, if someone is a “drum” or a “drummer” you would want to walk away from them as that is both a “Dr.” and an “um” and also an “er” – “Dr umm er” – a doctor and a witch. (Seriously) Gets can travel interdimensionally and invisibly, when they are not occupying a human body. “Get out!” means “there’s a Get present that you can’t see, so leave…out!…. Run away!”

Umbrella: This can mean take cover, can actually be used for cover from cameras or satellites in open spaces, or a references can mean the completely different concept that a “Get” is nearby (actually “Hats” also can reference Gets as some are known to carry umbrellas or wear top hats.)

Point:    Pointing is used to identify a target to be harmed or killed. It’s also used to identify a witch, by the gesture of the “pointy hat” that an old-fashioned witch might wear. Travelers point at a designated victim or target. They don’t like witches, and point out witches, and anyone else they think should be targeted.  The Greys and their technology has caused the Travelers to truly believe that the world is full of black magic. It actually is full of beings you can’t see, doing evil things. But that is Grey technology making their evil thoughts turn into action. Not magic.

Often Traveler leaders try to convince followers that a rape victim is a “witch” (which is ridiculous, but the Greys and especially Kodiak and Bee can hypnotize and then speak using direct to skull technology to remotely control humans and make it appear that a woman or child rape victim is doing magical things, black magic things). The Greys do this to goad the humans into attacking innocent women, men and especially children, although perhaps more often the “witches” they “point” at are women. The accuser will point at the so-called “witch” and say:  “I see your point” which means, “this accused wears a pointy hat,” a witches hat. “She’s a witch.” Then the human men will rape and torture that victim to death, based on that accusation. The Travelers are doing this people. They are doing this to me. I assure you, I am not a witch and have no magic abilities of any kind, other than to see through the bullshit. That’s the magic of law school training! And nothing else.

Trucks (or Pickup Trucks): The humans use this symbology as a threat of dragging someone off to rape and torture them, and kill them. They also “shake their keys” at me and other targets to symbolize the same thing. To threaten to kill someone if they don’t leave the area, or comply with some demand. To basically abduct someone by throwing them in the back of the pickup, or to drag them from the back of a pickup. Someone who shakes their keys signals that they have the power to summon a truck. These trucks can move interdimensionally. They are a frightening threat. For example, you could be crossing your street and, out of nowhere, a truck could cross into your dimension and mow you down. That is one truck threat. Personally I worry more about the pickup truck abduction issue. They can abduct people interdimensionally as well. It sounds crazy but it is true. It is the Grey tech mentioned above and the product of opening an adjacent string of time, a small window of time adjacent to a person and the moving the two strings on top of each other so that the two collide. In that moment you can move objects between the two strings. It is the collateral results of their constant creating of these pocket windows of time that often creates the Mandela Effects of which hundreds if not thousands of people take note on YouTube (although some changes are intentional, others are collateral).

Singing:  Make too much noise or attract attention, usually unwanted, and usually of the authorities.

Dancing: To maneuver in a choreographed fashion to evade someone. Travelers practice “dancing” both individually and in large groups. Evasive maneuvers.

Laughing: The evil laugh of an evil clown or a “Get” (evil wizard).

Smiling: Evil but also can mean that the authorities are watching, as in “smile for the camera.”

Birthday:  Can mean a party or swarm of attention or an attack, but usually means the day you die and your soul is “born” by being freed from your body (via a vicious murder).

Coring:  Stabbing a victim with an awl or other device to basically gut them and “free their soul” from their body. Travelers think the soul is freed but in reality their souls are consumed by the Greys and even some other Travelers and “Gets.” There is no “afterlife” for most people.

Light or Lights, or Candle: The soul, which is what the colors in the Traveler Subgroups are describing. The color of the soul or the light.  Some  “Gets” also have “lights” – they are “dancers” who have lasers that they move sort of like native american fire dancers would look in the dark. I am told those “Gets” are Grey Aliens. Probably true as I have also independently been told that the Greys have some sort of built in laser-like defense mechanism (or offensive mechanism).

Surprise: An attack is coming.

Chair or Chairs: Also symbolizes an imminent attack. The victim is hypnotized and paralyzed while seated in a chair and the “doctors” cut off her or his arms and legs, cauterize the wounds, and then the attackers gang-rape the victim’s torso until they die. They may do other things, but that is what they plan to do to me. Here’s an image of it, from the Simpsons of all places. The “cat” represents a “Get.” The woman pictured obviously represents a victim, possible even me since they make clear that I am their primary target, killed over and over, with my soul thrown in new human bodies to be killed again. That’s what they tell me and what their online chatter and other evidence indicates is my situation. Notice that the “Get” is “in love” which is the same as “loving” that I mention below is Code for raping and torturing a victim.


Frequently-Used Code Terminology (Rape and Torture Context)

Loving (or “loved” in past-tense product reviews): Raping and often torturing a victim. Often they will “love you to death.” Also called the Game of Love and the Book of Love.

Work: Act of attacking, and especially brutalizing a victim. Similarly, a “working man” is a Traveler who brags of being a rapist and especially a torturer, probably a “doctor” or “surgeon” as well, and these people cut off victims arms and legs as shown in the Simpson images above. They also call themselves “Artists.” Similar to “working,” torturing humans also is called “practice,” as in “working and practicing” in the Bob Seger song “Night Moves.” They also use synonyms for these words, and words that sound like these words when talking in Code. For example, in one article “doctrine and practice” is used to refer to torturing humans, where “doctrine” evokes “doctor” (ie surgeon who cuts off victim’s limbs), and “practice” is a common code word substitute for “working.” Rush’s “Working Man” is about torturing humans, for example.

Beauty: Naked reference, general rape victim reference. “I’d like to share the beauty….” would be gang-raping or watching a victim being raped. “Haunting Beauty” is a victim they plan to rape to death. Often I see this “beauty” reference with “haunting” but also “brutal,” “bare” or “naked.”

Dreaming: Attacking a victim who is hypnotized or unconscious. See also the meaning above of “upstairs” people who prey upon people in the “downstairs” Earth environment.

Nature, Natural: Same as “beauty” – often used to solicit a partner to share a gang-rape victim. For example, “seeking a hiker to go out and “enjoy nature.”

Joy: Often when a victim is hypnotized to be gang-raped, they also are given an instruction to smile while they are being attacked. Thus attackers use code words about “bringing joy” or “enjoying nature” or “enjoying beauty” – or “enjoying frozen beauty” because the victim is paralyzed due to being unconscious or hypnotized.

Frozen: A victim rendered unconscious by IV drugs or injections, or slipped in a drink (or otherwise), or often they are incapacitated after abduction via hypnosis.

Product: Rape and torture victim. Any kill designee.

Purchase: Rape and torture victim

Chicken and also Nugget (as in Chicken Nugget): Designated victim, usually a child

Tacos: Human victims

Dominos/Cheese/Pizza/Coffee: All pedophilia references. Coffee is not a black child, it is a “quickie” of some kind. For example, “no time for pizza, just coffee.”  

Pandas: This is code for the hockey masks that the rape and torture club members wear when attacking women, men and especially children to terrify them. They are the “Panda Club.”

Yoga:  also called Gymnastics: Torture term for bending people into grotesque shapes such as the Jeffrey Dahmer poses. Part of the rape/torture/murder practices. They would call them rituals. The (insanely stupid) humans delude themselves into thinking this is some important Traveler ritual for freeing the soul and for killing witches. Some sacrificial rite. In reality it is the Greys remotely controlling innocent women and children into appearing to be “witches” and then goading the humans into raping and torturing them to death as a sacred necessity. All of this is for the amusement of the Greys. Humans torturing other humans, for the Greys.

Split or Splits: breaking a victim’s legs while gang-raping them to force them into the “splits” position.

Pregnant or “Due Date” to “Give Birth”: A “pregnant” victim is one slated to be killed. To be “born” is to have your soul “freed from your body” by being gutted. To “give birth” is to have your soul ripped out of your body.

Temple: “Going to Temple” is Code for participating in a ritualistic (or not) gangrape and torture show.

Carolina: Means the same thing as “Going to Temple.” As in James Taylor’s “In my mind I’m goin’ to Carolina.” The Illuminati can view attacks broadcast on “the Tether” and beamed directly into the minds of participants. Like making a movie screen in the inside of your forehead. So “in my mind I’m going” means I’ll be tuning in to watch the rape and torture show. That song is decoded here.

Cry: Ejaculate. “She’s gonna make me cry…”

*There are many many additional Traveler and Grey, and Panda Club code terms, but these are enough to begin to notice coded conversations.

Important Coded Messages of the Greys, In Lyrics

This is the YES album cover that accompanies the lyrics to the songs Roundabout and Long Distance Runaround, both of which sing in thinly-veiled Code, often using the same Traveler code words as above, about attacking the Earth’s inhabitants.

Long Distance Runaround Lyrics


Long distance runaround

Long time waiting to feel the sound (“long time” means “long” as in the Greys, and the “time” as in the “authorities in control” so it means that “the Greys are in control.” It also can mean that the Greys have been biding their time waiting for the time to attack with their sound guns. They have acoustic weapons that will simply make people’s heads explode, in addition to the weapons you’ve heard about being used recently in Cuba.)

I still remember the dream there (a reference to all the people alive in the time loop of Earth, and especially me, Hera.)

I still remember the time you said goodbye (reference to each time we die in each loop, but especially me, Hera.)

Did we really tell lies (“truth” refers to humans and “lies” refers to aliens in Traveler code talk, and “really” refers to humans.  “Did we really” is saying in Code that they are Greys hiding in human bodies, lying about who they really are. “Lies” also is a code word for the Greys, so the Greys on the ground are making reports, or telling, the lies (Greys) up above, what is happening here. But this reference probably also refers to the fact that the Greys lie about everything, including their plans to wipe everyone out. They also are speaking in past tense, which indicates “alien” generally while future tense indicates a line about humans. That is a clue that they are describing aliens, instead of having some other intended interpretation. Past-tense is something about aliens. Future tense about humans.).

Letting in the sunshine (Notice they have switched tenses again in this line.  This line refers to them using lasers to knock holes in the atmosphere to irradiate the population. To burn people below like ants under a magnifying glass.)

Did we really count to one hundred (apparently they will pretend to be negotiating with our government)

Cold summer listening (Greys (“cold”) hiding in humans (“summer”) are listening)

Hot color melting the anger to stone (“hot” and “color” both refer to humans, “anger” I think refers to the Greys, this line seems to say that they will let the humans think that they are winning a battle against the Greys. Probably this will lead to the false “truce” that they will violate with their fake “count to 100” before attacking the Earth)

I still remember the dream there (the “downstairs” Earth environment that they will wipe out – they have done this before)

I still remember the time you said goodbye (me, Hera, who they are killing over and over in time loops. They murder my body, but throw my soul into a different human body in each iteration of Earth, or “time loop” as I call them.)

Did we really tell lies

Letting in the sunshine

Did we really count to one hundred

Long distance runaround

Long time waiting to feel the sound (feel the effects of the acoustic weapons, it is a wall of sound waves that blows away everything in its path. A tsunami of sound.)

I still remember the dream there

I still remember the time you said goodbye

Cold summer listening Hot colour melting the anger to stone I still remember the dream there I still remember the time you said goodbye

Did we really tell lies Letting in the sunshineDid we really count to one hundred

Looking for the sunshine (this last line is looking for the sunshine, which means not letting in the sun’s rays but searching specifically for me, Hera, code word the Sun or Sunshine, to move my soul to the next time loop of Earth. They move my soul to the next loop before this one is destroyed. All souls in the present loop are destroyed.)

Roundabout Lyrics

I’ll be the roundabout (A “roundabout” in this context is refers to a circular “boring mill.” It’s used in “Metalworking. a machine for boring large holes in heavy work, having a table on which the work rotates while the hole is bored vertically.” This usage refers to the fact that the Earth is a rotating plate, while the Greys who attack will “bore holes” in us from the sky vertically. The Greys are fixated on drilling holes in victims. They mutilate cattle just like you’ve heard stories about. They also drill holes in victims’ heads and “Fuck their brains out.”  The Earth is their machine as well, a subject for another day, but it is their plate. So they are saying that they will be the roundabout, the surface which holds the victims to be bored out (Earth). No doubt. The Greys similarly frequently talk of using “awls” to “core” their victims, and have Travelers doing this to each other and to perceived witches, as well as to their other rape and torture victims.

The words will make you out ‘n’ out (“words” refers to aliens: “w + or + d” plus “s” for plural, “w” means alien, “or” means alien and “d” means alien. Moreover it’s the only thing that makes this line of lyrics make any sense. Another interpretation of a “roundabout” is a centerpoint with multiple exits, a traffic circle, also called a “magic ring or magic junction” back in old UK. It first appeared there in a movie called The World’s End. The Greys or “Words” could be “the ring junction” to “the World’s End” – showing we humans the “outs” or “exits.” This pretty much exhausts the origin of the word Roundabout and potential interpretations vis-a-vis the Greys.)

I spend the day your way (over here our direction, on Earth, visiting our time loop. The Day actually can refer to my entire lifespan, or one entire cycle of a time loop, from the time it is open until they close it, which is code-worded as a “Day.”)

Call it morning driving thru the sound and in and out the valley (“call it morning” is the morning they “call it a day” or close this time loop we call Earth by attacking us. “Driving through the sound” means that they will fly through the walls of sound they create with acoustic weapons (which are strong enough to blow our heads off and also blows up most of the standing man-made structures on Earth). They are powerful acoustic weapons. A wall of sound, as Elton John sings about below in “Bennie and the Jets.” “In and out the valley” probably has specific meaning. I am in Long Beach. It may mean something as specific and seemingly stupid as directing the attack to the nearby “In and Out” although this one may be directed at an In and Out in The Valley. They have time travel access and write current news into songs and throw new songs back in time by 30 years so that by the time the news is needed or relevant, we’ve already been singing along for 30 years. But it is based on current information.)

The music dance and sing (the “music” (acoustic attack) will make people “dance” to try to evade the effects, and probably “scream” (sing). I am trying to confirm what “the Music” is, precisely. The song “American Pie” is about my death, and sings that the day I die, the Music also dies, and so do “the good ‘ole boys” which refers to the Travelers in Pickup Trucks who kill me.)

They make the children really ring (the “children” is what they call all of the humans, which they claim that they own as property, “really ring” refers to the sound guns ringing in their heads, and the act of clutching your ears as if they are ringing. But in reality your heads will explode. They can attack with much lower decibel sound however and simply cause ongoing agony. So the “they” here are the Greys who attack. Are they the Music then, or the Music-makers? Sounds like it. Maybe it’s a play on “Mews” as in “Cats” which is code for aliens? I am walking you through my interpretation process. There are numerous songs with coded messages out there. And numerous websites with rapists talking about women and children to be killed, all using the terms I’ve given you in this document.)

I spend the day your way (over here our way, on Earth, our direction)

Call it morning driving thru the sound and in and out the valley (the morning they “call it” or “call it a day” for this Earth and attack)

In and around the lake (they call Earth’s human population “Lake Michigan”)

Mountains come out of the sky and they stand there (“mountains” means “Martians.” The Greys call themselves Martians although they are not from Mars, as Code)

One mile over we’ll be there and we’ll see you (They’ll be watching from another dimension, or simply from a safe distance as Earth’s surface is wiped out).

Ten true summers we’ll be there and laughing too (This line is entirely Traveler Talk. “True” is code for Human and so is “summer.” “Ten true summers” refers specifically to a 10-year final run that they force me, Hera, to make while they rape and attack me, while keeping me on an electronic leash. The humans have me hostage and are attacking me. The Traveler Sevens. After 10 years of being held hostage by the Traveler humans, (mostly Sevens), they will torture me to death. This line says that the Greys will be there too, and they will be there as “Gets.”  “Gets” are sometimes describes as “evil clowns” or “laughing” or “smiling.”)

Twenty four before my love you’ll see I’ll be there with you (to be “loved” is a Code term for raping and torturing a victim, and this victim is Hera (me). This line says that Hera will draw her last breath at 24 minutes before some hour (a Chicago song identifies the hour as 4 am), and this song promises that “I’ll be there with you.” Bee tells me that this is her singing and it will be her there killing me.)

I will remember you (The Greys prey on all humans and wipe their memories of attacks. They also do this to me (Hera) but I remember many attacks regardless. Yet this line is mocking the fact that Bee will remember killing me, etc.)

Your silhouette will charge the view (the energy of your explosion will be seen or viewed from afar)

Of distance atmosphere (same, the destruction will be seen from distant atmospheres. But also I will be “remembered” because my rape and torture events are being broadcast and recorded by the Players, and they are being saved to systems outside of Earth (and possibly also on Earth).)

Call it morning driving thru the sound and even in the valley (this is the morning of the attack – “call it morning” – but also refers to creating the morning in the darkness of 4 am because the attackers blow holes in the atmosphere to “let the sunshine in” as bragged about Long Distance Runaround. The words “even in the valley” refers specifically to “humans” (the word “even” is code for humans”) so “even in the valley” means their calling it morning for the humans in the valley. This means poking holes in the atmosphere that causes the humans to burn to death from radiation, in addition to the sound guns.)

In and around the lake (that’s Lake Michigan, code for Earth)

Mountains come out of the sky and they stand there (Martians, aka Greys, will descend from the sky and hover over us here on Earth)

One mile over we’ll be there and we’ll see you (safely out of the fray, they’ll be watching)

Ten true summers we’ll be there and laughing too (refers specifically to Hera, and the time when they’ll attack, which is 10 years – they say exactly – after the humans began raping her and keeping her on an electronic leash)

Twenty four before my love you’ll see I’ll be there with you (Bee says she “won’t miss it for the world” – she is saying this to me as I type this)

Along the drifting cloud the Eagle searching down on the land

(the Eagle hiding (cloaked) in the drifting cloud is this spaceship on their album cover below)


Catching the swirling wind the sailor sees the rim of the land (judging from this picture above, probably the West Coast of the US, although I’m sure they attack everywhere. They wipe out much of everything on the surface.)

The Eagle’s dancing wings create as weather spins out of hand (while still offshore, the Eagle destroys the atmosphere, causing weather to go haywire with tsunamis, tornados, rising tides, rains, earthquakes too due to the acoustic weapons destabilizing the shelf, etc.)

Go closer hold the land, feel partly no more than grains of sand (moving closer to shore, to the Greys on the Eagle, humans appear no more than grains of sand)

We stand to lose all time a thousand answers by in our hand (we lose all time by the time loop Earth is situated in being destroyed (they have destroyed previous time loops). Humans here go extinct, or at least most of them do. All human infrastructure is lost. Everything and everyone on the surface is demolished to the level of dust. “Answers” is code for humans.)

Next to your deeper fears we stand surrounded by a million years (“years” are aliens “y” is code for alien and “ears” is code for the Greys, who can “hear” your thoughts. “Years” – we’re surrounded by a million of them. We already are surrounded in fact, they are simply cloaked. “Fears” means the same thing “f” is female, aka “alien” and “ears” for Greys so “fears” are “next to us” as we are surrounded. That is true also, the Greys are inside human bodies. They are next to us, and they also are in the sky surrounding us. They move out of the way interdimensionally when the attack happens. They simply abandon those human bodies they hide in and jump into an adjacent time string.)

I’ll be the roundaboutThe words will make you out ‘n’ out

I’ll be the roundaboutThe words will make you out ‘n’ out

In and around the lakeMountains come out of the sky and they stand thereTwenty four before my love and I’ll be there

I’ll be the roundaboutThe words will make you out ‘n’ outYou spend the day your wayCall it morning driving thru the sound and in and out the valley

In and around the lakeMountains come out of the sky and they stand thereOne mile over we’ll be there and we’ll see youTen true summers we’ll be there and laughing too Twenty four before my love you’ll see I’ll be there with you

Bennie and the Jets (Elton John)

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 10.31.17 PM

(Above is “Bennie” from the new official video for Bennie and the Jets on YouTube.  This is a black magic voodoo priestess. An identical priestess appears in the Simpsons (below left, another Illuminati Grey Alien message vehicle used by Kodiak, head of the Travelers, and also in other Illuminati and Travelers content.)

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 5.21.29 AM
Illuminati Masks


Hey kids, shake it loose together (“kids” are Satan’s “flock” – young goats)

The spotlight’s hitting something

That’s been known to change the weather (refers to a War of the Worlds device spoken about in Roundabout & Long Distance Runaround by Yes, and also in Soundgarden’s video for Black Hole Sun, and the “Magic Craphole” episode of The Simpsons.)

We’ll kill the fatted calf tonight (This refers to killing me, Hera)

So stick around

You’re gonna hear electric music (That’s the sound guns we told you about in decoding Roundabout)

Solid walls of sound (acoustic weapons)

Say, Candy and Ronnie, have you seen them yet (Candy is unconfirmed, but Ronnie is RonnieFriend, the first commenter in this YouTube video’s comment section. He is the one who will give the Greys on the ground the signal. He will “say when he sees them coming” – letting their people on the ground know it’s time.)

Uh but they’re so spaced out, B-B-B-Bennie and the Jets (“Spaced out” because they are from “outer space” and in “space ships” – sly reference to spaceships. Bennie is Kodiak, and the Jets are pictured below, from the new official video for this song)

(Below is a “Jet” from the new official video for Bennie and the Jets)

Bennie and the Jets

Oh but they’re weird and they’re wonderful

Oh Bennie she’s really keen

She’s got electric boots, a mohair suit

You know I read it in a magazine (I don’t know what this refers to but I’m sure it refers to something specific about where to find instructions, probably relating to “Candy”)

B-B-B-Bennie and the Jets

Hey kids, plug into the faithless (“Kids” are all “faithless” because they are Satanic, aka Satan’s “flock” of young goats)

Maybe they’re blinded (kids are blind – they are the human flock of Satan who is Kodiak, and they are clueless about the fact that he’s really a Grey Alien and all the “magic” here is Grey technology)

But Bennie makes them ageless (they are ageless because the Greys plan to kill us all, destroy our soulss and revive us by opening a new time window where twins of us exist. They are not us, they are twins. Their lives follow a similar yet different track.)

We shall survive, let us take ourselves along (“We” meaning the Jets (Greys) and the “Parents” or Illuminati from upstairs, not the humans on Earth. You will be killed. See the video for Black Hole Sun to find out how they plan to kill everyone on Earth.)

Where we fight our Parents out in the streets (this may indicate that all Illuminati “parents” from “upstairs” are Greys.)

To find who’s right and who’s wrong (“right” are humans and “wrong” is code for “aliens” – so I guess the Parents are “wrong” while the “kids” are “right”?)

Oh Candy and Ronnie, have you seen them yet?Oh but they’re so spaced out, Bennie and the JetsOh but they’re weird and they’re wonderfulOh Bennie she’s really keenShe’s got electric boots, a mohair suitYou know I read it in a magazine, ohB-B-B-Bennie and the Jets Oh Candy and Ronnie, have you seen them yetOh but they’re so spaced out, Bennie and the JetsOh but they’re weird and they’re wonderfulOh Bennie she’s really keenShe’s got electric boots a mohair suitYou know I read it in a magazine, ohB-B-B-Bennie and the Jets, Bennie, Bennie and the Jets

Print this document for future reference when the power is cut. You can also access, view and download this document from Google Docs at this link.

August 21, 2018

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